Advanced Lab Courses

Advanced Lab Courses offered at the IGM

Important!!! Online teaching

Due to the special situation caused by the novel corona virus teaching will continue to take take place online. The contents of all lectures and exercises will be available via ILIAS as .mp4 files just as they have been during the past semesters.

As of now the lab course "Flat Panel Displays" will take place as a regular offline lab course.

Lab Course Flat Panel Displays

This lab course focuses on the building of a display for a digital clock.The clock is based on a seven-segment display with liquid crystals, polarizers, implemented on glass substrates. All processing steps, including sputtering ITO, spin coating with photo resist and polyimide, photo lithography, wet chemical patterning, and cell assembly are performed by the participants in the clean room at the IGM. Finally, the display is connected to an IC to form a simple alarm clock. The participants can retain the clock they have built.

Information about the lab course:

  • The lab course takes place during the first week after the end of lecture period in the summer semester
  • Registration until 7th may 2021 online via ILIAS (please make sure you fill out the poll)
  • Participants will be assigned to groups of three
  • The lab course itself will take place at the Institute for Large Area Microelectronics.

Lab Course Optical Signal Processing

The lab course Optical Signal Processing takes place in the winter semester during the lecture period. Successful completion of the lecture "Optical Signal Processing" is strongly encouraged. Students will perform experiments on topics including:

  • Spatial and temporal coherence
  • Collimation (homogenous plane waves)
  • Imaging and Refraction
  • Diffraction
  • Fourier Optics
  • Design and production of synthetic holograms

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